Advanced Wiring Solutions tailors our products to your specific needs. We specialize in a variety of technology services and provide knowledgeable staff to assist in the installation from start to finish.

  • CCTV Systems

CCTV camera systems can help any business or home to deter theft before it happens, to catch someone in the act, or to find out what happened after the fact. Whether you need one camera system or if you’re looking for large scale multi camera system, or have a existing system that you want to upgrade with the latest technology we can help make it simple, cost efficient and effective.

  • Alarm Systems Burglar/Fire

Alarm system is a key component in any office, retail, or government space these days. In order to keep your business protected. A basic alarm package can provide ample peace of mind to a busy business owner or manager who knows their business is at risk for break-ins. We offer cost effective solutions to create the most secure environment possible. Our certified and experienced technicians will take the time to explain all features.

  • Access Control Systems

Access Control systems can help to protect your business in many ways. When used in offices to protect valuable records, paperwork and inventory, an electric lock and a card reader can be all that’s needed to provide some peace of mind. Easy to use devices like key fobs, key cards, and most recently,smart phones can be given privileged user access, timed access, and can even hold contact information about the tenant or employee to whom it is assigned.

  • Home Automation Systems

Control everything in your house from your security system, to your media center remotely. We offer a full home automation service allowing you to connect everything in your house.

  • Network Cabling

Moving into a new office space? We can fix the headache of having to find network cabling solutions by taking the stress out of your hands. Our trained technicians have leading industry knowledge and can tackle any size project you may have!

  • Whole Home Audio Systems

Compliment your TV installation with surround sound and turn your media center into everything you could ever want! We offer a variety of surround systems for your needs ranging from basic 5.1 to movie theater surround sound.

  • Audio/Visual

We can solve any audio & visual difficulties you may be experiencing as well as completely design new systems from scratch, whichever to cater to your needs! Contact our trained professionals today for more information.

  • TV Mounting & Installation

Don’t deal with the hassle of finding the correct gear and tools to put your TV on the wall. We’ve got you covered and can handle TV’s and projects of all sizes with our TV Mounting & Installation service.