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Advanced Wiring Solutions

CCTV Systems, Alarm Systems, Surveillance Cameras, and More

Why Choose Us for Commercial and Home Security?

At Advanced Wiring Solutions we believe the customer and employees our number one priority. This philosophy flows down to the workforce through conversations between the company’s owners and our personnel. We believe in providing cost effective solutions for commercial and residential properties to stay up to date with the latest security features and technology.

We are located in the Frederick, Maryland area and install and service CCTV systems, security cameras, security and fire alarm systems, access control systems, home automation systems, voice/data systems, and more throughout the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and PA regions.

Since 2010, Advanced Wiring Solutions has been a industry leader in commercial and home security systems. We provide the right solution with professional installation and integration, and our products are backed by our dependable service and support. We do not believe in any sort of term based contract. We believe that people can see through the “free” systems that are offered. If you are unhappy with our service and our promise doesn’t live up to your expectation you are free to cancel at anytime.

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing exact solutions and listening to our clients’ needs, while emphasizing a professional, neat appearance.  We work with our clients to find solutions to their problems in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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CCTV Systems

CCTV camera systems can help any business or home to deter theft before it happens, to catch someone in the act, or to find out what happened after the fact. Whether you need one camera system or if you’re looking for large scale multi camera system, or have a existing system that you want to upgrade with the latest technology we can help make it simple, cost efficient and effective. MORE

Alarm Systems

Alarm system is a key component in any office, retail, or government space these days. In order to keep your business protected. A basic alarm package can provide ample peace of mind to a busy business owner or manager who knows their business is at risk for break-ins. We offer cost effective solutions to create the most secure environment possible. Our certified and experienced technicians will take the time to explain all features. MORE

Access Control Systems

Access Control systems can help to protect your business in many ways. When used in offices to protect valuable records, paperwork and inventory, an electric lock and a card reader can be all that’s needed to provide some peace of mind. Easy to use devices like key fobs, key cards, and most recently, smart phones can be given privileged user access, timed access, and can even hold contact information about the tenant or employee to whom it is assigned. MORE