Frequently Asked Questions about Home and Business Installations

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Review some of our commonly asked questions about our services. If you would like to speak to our technicians, contact us.

Are home automation systems affordable for the average homeowner?

Yes. Depending on what you are wanting and the size of your home, we can tailor a system that works for your budget. From systems that control light and your thermostat to other systems that control surveillance cameras, whole-house music and more.

How long does it take for the installer to wall mount my TV?

A mounting can take anywhere from an hour to two depending on the location of the mounting. Fireplaces typically require more detail as well as stone walls.

Is a security system necessary for every business?

If you determine that the potential damage that fraud of any sort would be detrimental to your operations, then finding a security system would be in your best interest. Our security system features give you the ability to keep proper records and help deter from fraudulent activities.