Home Security Systems in Emmitsburg, MD

Your home is your investment, your pride & joy, and a place where your family and friends gather. What matters most is that everything inside your home is protected. You need a high-quality home security system from Advanced Wiring Solutions, in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

With us, you get more than just full protection of everything in your home in the case of a home invasion. You also get our expert installation, long-term warranty, and A+ customer service!

Our team can install a variety of systems for your home or business, such as:

We are locally owned and operated, meaning when you call Advanced Wiring Solutions, you get a local team member on the other end of the call. We’re a family-owned small business that takes pride in the customer experience.

Home Automation Systems in Emmitsburg, MD

Thanks to modern technology, you can get an alert if the garage door is open when you are laying in bed.

Are you cold tonight? Turn the thermostat up without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Control access to your home when you are on vacation with custom access control locks with keypads.

With a home automation system from Advanced Wiring Solutions, you’ll have access to all aspects of your home – wherever you are. 

Remotely control nearly anything in your home, including:

  • Garage doors
  • Alarm systems
  • Lights
  • Thermostats
  • Smart appliances, including dishwashers, ovens, and coffee makers

With Advanced Wiring’s impeccable services and prices, you’ll get the home automation you want at a price you can afford.

When you call us, you’ll talk to an experienced technician that will work together with you to understand exactly what you want your home automation system to achieve. We’ll work hard to design the system you want at the price point that fits your budget. 

Once the system is designed, we’ll install it carefully and considerately, we won’t leave a mess, and we’ll be on time – and friendly!

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Fire Alarm Systems in Emmitsburg, MD

Don’t lay awake in bed, worried about fire or carbon monoxide. 

With our fire alarm systems, you’ll get notified immediately so that your family members always stay safe. Not only that, but our systems go one step further and call the fire department for help. You won’t be left in the dark with a modern fire alarm system from Advanced Wiring Solutions.

Each year, about 2,000 people die in residential fires in the United States. In many of these cases, either a faulty or non-existent fire alarm system is to blame for not promptly alerting the home’s occupants to the danger.

A fire alarm system can also monitor carbon monoxide levels. When you equip your home with carbon monoxide alarms on every level and in every sleeping area, you can rest assured that CO will be safely detected before it becomes a problem and causes injury or death.

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Intercom Systems in Emmitsburg, MD

Do you want to let your family know that it’s time for dinner without leaving the kitchen? We’ve got a solution for you! 

With an intercom system from Advanced Wiring Solutions, you’ll be able to do that, and more!

Whether you want to know who’s at your front door, communicate with your toddler during naptime, or reach your busy significant other working away in their office, we’ve got the systems and installation knowledge you need to make that happen.

We work with the best home intercom products in the industry that meet today’s modern technological standards, and every installation is accompanied by our exceptional commitment to customer service and support.

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