CCTV Systems for Apartments & Multi-Tenant Buildings in MD

Operating an apartment building or other multi-tenant property can be tricky. You’ve got a lot of people coming and going, and multiple entrance points can be difficult to secure.

With an affordable, customizable security camera system, your multi-tenant building can be safe and secure.

CCTV systems can prevent theft before it happens, catch a criminal in the act, or help determine what happened after the fact. The mere presence of cameras can help your tenants feel more at peace knowing someone’s watching out for their property.

At Advanced Wiring Solutions, we can help you design a system that meets your individual needs, with as many or as few cameras as you need. Capture video with our industry-leading cameras, then store it for playback on a reliable DVR system.

And if you’ve already got a system in place that’s seen better days, our technicians can help you design an upgrade that complies with modern needs and technology.

Get your security cameras for a multi-tenant building project started today – Call for a quote!