Security Systems for Hospitals

Hospitals require top-of-the-line security in order to protect their patients and staff. Whether you operate a multi-level campus or a small clinic, finding an adequate security system for your needs can be daunting. Advanced Wiring Solutions can help. We offer customizable security systems for hospitals that can satisfy both your safety requirements and your budget. 

Our professional installation services are fast, affordable, and discreet. You can also have peace of mind knowing your security system includes our dependable and friendly customer support.

Other companies sell large product packages and long-term contracts, trapping you into paying for more than you need. Not us. If our services do not live up to your expectations, you are free to cancel at any time.

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CCTV Systems for Hospitals 

Unfortunately, crime can happen anywhere, even in safe places like hospitals. However, having a CCTV system in place can deter criminals and help collect evidence to solve a crime. 

Advanced Wiring Solutions offers scalable CCTV camera systems to meet any need, from single-camera setups to large-scale, multi-camera systems. Capture video with our industry-leading cameras and store it for playback on a reliable DVR.

Do you already have an outdated CCTV system? That’s not a problem. In fact, we can upgrade your system to the newest technology and make sure every area of the hospital is covered. 

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Access Control Systems for Hospitals

There are many areas within a hospital that have restrictions for only certain personnel. This can protect dangerous medications, expensive equipment, sensitive personal information, and most importantly, patients at risk. 

It’s a complex system, but it can easily become inefficient without the right technology. A secure access control system is the easiest way to maintain these boundaries within your hospital.

Easy-to-use devices like key fobs, key cards, and smartphones can be given privileged user access to certain locations. Different employees can have different levels of access to ensure everyone is where they are authorized to be. 

This technology can also hold contact information about the employee to whom it is assigned. The result is a secure hospital that maintains accessibility for its staff. 

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