Customizable Security Systems For Hotels

Hotels provide a home away from home for travelers. As an owner or manager, you know guests expect to feel pampered, comfortable, and above all, safe. 

With such a large number of guests and employees, plus a multi-level building with many exits and entrances, security can be a hard standard to maintain. Break-ins, robberies, and other crimes can threaten the reputation of your business, and potentially put lives at risk.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – get a customized security system in your hotel, from Advanced Wiring Solutions

Our team of experienced security professionals can help you design a system that meets all of your needs, without blowing your budget. Our range of security features includes CCTV cameras, access control systems, keycard access systems, audio alarms, fire detectors, intercom, and more.

Even if you’ve already got a system in place, our technicians can help you design an upgrade that utilizes advanced technology and surpasses modern safety requirements. 

Best of all, our installation is discreet and organized, so you (and your guests) can have peace of mind without ruining the appeal of the interior and exterior designs. 

Bring your hotel security to the next level. Begin your project today by calling Advanced Wiring Solutions!